Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Little Peace Maker

Posted by eljamieson at 11:51 AM

I think Greta has a lot of me in her, I also think she has a lot of Matt so maybe she is just a good mix. In any case she is turning into a little peace maker as she tries to intervene on Vaughn's behalf. It seems to be happening a lot lately but these are the only two examples I can dredge up right now.

The other day Vaughn wanted an apple but he had already eaten a LOT of goldfish crackers and a banana and it was getting close to supper time. I told him no he'd had enough. Of course that resulted in a full blown tantrum of whining and crying which promptly landed him upstairs in his room until he could calm down enough to rejoin us. As Vaughn is stomping up the stairs, Greta who is nicely eating her banana says
"Brodda cry?"
"Mommy, brodda have apple . . . pease"

She was looking at me like just let him have it Mom, come on it's not a big deal.

The other example is from supper a few nights ago. Sometimes Vaughn is the best eater and sometimes he is awful, after being asked to eat his supper and stop being silly he looked at Matt and yelled, "No!" You can imagine that didn't go over very well. Vaughn and Daddy left the table to have a discussion on why that wasn't a good idea. Greta yells after them as they are walking away, "Daddy, no! Brodda ok!!!"

It's nice that she is looking out for her big Brodda


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