Saturday, May 29, 2010

3rd Birthday

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Well, Vaughn's 3rd birthday has come and gone, it was a blast. I have to admit that I get just as excited about these things as the kids do. In fact I've been prepping Vaughn about his birthday for months now, asking him what kind of cake he wanted, who we should invite to his party etc. When the day finally arrived he was so excited it was here it was almost more than he could handle.

Waiting for his friends!

My Mom came on the Saturday before his birthday which added to the excitement too and was a huge helped as I undertook my first friends party. I decided to invite 5 little 3 year old boys over with their Mom's and sibilings to celebrate. It was mayhem but worth every minute, Vaughn was so excited for his friends to come over. I told Matt that the hot-dogs had to be ready for consumption no later that 11:30. He scoffed at me, thinking I was being overly organized but he quickly learned his lesson when at 11:20 the party boys started melting down! There was crying, hitting, running in circles . . . the only word that truly describes it is bedlam! However it was quickly followed by the blessed silence that comes when you give kids food! We are very blessed to have a great group of kids Vaughn's age!

His friends helped him blow out the candles on his cake, and Vaughn ate every drop of his cake. I think he would have licked the plate if it would have occurred to him! I was so proud of him while he was opening his presents. He went to each person and thanked them right away and was genuinely over the moon excited about everything he got. He was one blessed little boy!

Blowing out the candles

I think one of my favourite moments of this birthday was making his cake. He had been asking for a Thomas cake for a while so there was a lot of pressure to deliver! I started making the cake on Monday night while we was still awake and I have never seen a boy so excited. He couldn't hold in the energy, he was literally bouncing and climbing all over me while I was trying to decorate it.
'Mommy are you buttering (icing) the cake?'
'Mommy don't butter me!'
'Mommy is this my Thomas cake?'
'Mommy should I eat it'
'Mommy, where is his whistle'
'Mommy where is his buffers'
'Mommy should my friends come'
'Mommy will he be blue'
'Mommy, Mommy, Mommy'

Sneaking a peek at the unfinished cake!

I wish I had gotten it on video it was hilarious! It took me hours to make that silly cake, especially during the heat wave when my icing kept melting. But it was worth every moment seeing his excitement and awe over the cake.

His actual birthday was celebrated with Grandma, Daddy, Uncle Luke, Greta and Mommy. We had taco's (his request) and cake for supper, followed by more presents! Great Grandma, Bompa, Grandma, Aunt Jessa and Uncle John went together to buy him the Thomas roundhouse which he calls Tidmouth sheds. It was a huge, huge hit as were the Thomas slippers, jammies and underwear! It was a Thomas themed birthday extravaganza!
Birthday Taco's

There are moments when this boy can try my patience like no other. He knows my buttons and can push them without thinking. He can torment his sister to tears and steal toys with the best of them but . . . he is also kind, loving, cuddly, sweet, gentle, creative and generally just the best little boy. My life is enriched by him more than I thought possible. I hate that he is growing up but at the same time I am so excited to see him become the man that God has intended him to be. My continued prayer is that he would learn to be more like Jesus everyday, he would abound in love, gentleness, patience and kindness. He would think of others above himself and love Jesus with his whole heart. He is my smart wonderful little boy and I'm excited for the year ahead . . . wonder what next years cake will be :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas

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As a parent do you ever get more excited about something than your child? I did this weekend when we took Vaughn to Calgary for 'A Day out with Thomas.'

This past year has been a love fest in our house for the one and only Thomas the Train. It has taken over our lives, we have trains everywhere, more Thomas books than I could name and several DVD's. Vaughn can name all the characters and plays with them almost all day, everyday. So when I found out that a real live Thomas the train comes to Calgary once a year every May I knew what we had to do.

We booked tickets along with our friends the Salomons and planned for a fun filled weekend on the Island of Sodor (that's where Thomas lives for those that don't know). We packed up the car on Saturday and told Vaughn we were going to the Island of Sodor. We've been telling him for weeks that we were going and man did we have one excited boy when the day finally arrived. We had so much fun with the whole thing. Everything we saw we made it the Island of Sodor, ie. 'Vaughn it's the Island of Sodor Tim Hortons or Hotel or Mall or whatever it is we saw at the time'. At one point I pointed out the helicopter flying around and Vaughn nearly jumped out of his seat because he was certain it was Harold the Helicopter. Any crane we saw was Colin or Cranky and the subway was even a new train on the Island. It was a blast!

We arrive Saturday around 4, checked into the Island of Sodor hotel and then headed to the mall to get a bathing suit for Matt (he forgot his) and have supper and then back to the hotel so the boys and their Daddy's could go swimming. Vaughn is pretty sure swimming in the Island of Sodor pool is better than anywhere else.
After swimming we successfully put all 4 kids to sleep in the hotel room sharing a wall with ours, plugged in the monitor and hung out in the other room playing games. It wasn't just a fun weekend for the kids but a much needed break for all the adults too!

Our train ride was at 9:40 so we left the hotel around 8:30 and headed to Heritage park. If you haven't been to "A Day Out with Thomas" and your kids are mildly into trains then I highly recommend it! It is very well done and just so much fun. We walked toward the entrance and once inside Vaughn heard it, the noise he's been waiting for . . . Thomas blew his whistle! His face was priceless and thankfully Matt had the camera on him at the time!

We lined up to wait for our ride on Thomas. While we were waiting it started to snow, which wasn't the best part of the day. Vaughn was crying because it was cold out and it dampened the appearance of Thomas a bit but he was still pretty excited when he pulled into the station. We climbed on to our 20 min Thomas the train ride. 3 laps around Heritage park and then off for a photo op with the train himself! They really do a great job with this event, the train rides are scheduled far enough apart that no one is rushed trying to get their picture with Thomas or the conductors.
We were then off to explore the Island taking in, Thomas the Train stories, carnival rides, face painting, train tables, building blocks, live singing, temporary tattoo stations and a meet and great with Sir Toppem Hat. Vaughn and Levi had the best time and I am so glad we went. It was a perfect Mother's day spending time with my wonderful family and some of our very best friends!
It was a little sad as we left the Island of Sodor but well worth the adventure and who knows maybe we'll have to make a return trip next year!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Invisible Children

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My heart has always been soft to the needs of others, this isn't anything new to those that know me. Lately it feels like I just don't have a part in reaching the world's needs both spiritual and physical. I find this so so frustrating. My kids and husband are my life and that is the priority but what can I do for those around the world. How can I participate in reaching those who cannot help themselves? I really don't know the answers, in school I thought I could take the world by storm but now I'm married with 2 kids and life isn't as simple.

My prayerful cry is that the Lord would hear those around the world that are hurting, suffering and in need of a Savior. I pray that an end to Child Soldiers would come, that those who are persecuted for their faith around the world would know Peace. I beg that the Lord would move His hand so that those who are waiting for a sign would see it.

My heart belongs to so many places, Edmonton, Petrolia, Uzbekistan, China, Ukraine, Africa. Lord help me do for these places and all places around the world what you ask of me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Car Prayers

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We were on our way home from Church on Sunday and Vaughn was melting down in the backseat because I didn't get him a drink before we left. I am ignoring the screaming when I hear

"Jesus, please help Vaughn stop crying, amen"

How cute is that!

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