Saturday, January 29, 2011

Word Explosion

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Greta seems to have been having a word explosion the past few weeks. And while Matt and I may be the only ones that understand her it's still pretty cute.

Here are a few of her latest and greatest

Mommy, here's your shoe
Winnie the Pooh Stuck
Shhh, baby sleep
Love you
Up Please, down please, drink please etc.
Greta stink
Bye Bye Rover

She even tried singing along to a few songs at Kindermusik this week! I truly love this age, she is just so cute and so much fun to watch (most of the time :) )

Cute things

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It seems that Vaughn said a bunch of cute things this week but I can only remember a couple of them so here they are

Boddering Me
While sitting together on the bar stool eating lunch Vaughn says "Mommy, Greta's pig tails are boddering me" They were tickling his face while he was trying to eat

Teddy has Kindermusik.
Mommy did you know that Teddy goes to Kindermusik, do you know where his class is.
No Vaughn I don't
He goes up the stairs, takes his coat and shoes off and then his class is on the yellow shelf. He listens to his teacher up there. (there is a yellow shelf in his Kindermusik class, I'm guessing that is where Mrs. Wiebe puts Teddy during class)

Teddy's demise
Mommy Teddy died . . .can I get a new one?

I'm still not sure where that one came from!

I'm here for you
While Greta was crying other day Vaughn told her
"Don't worry I'm here for you"

Vaughn's girlfriend

I think Vaughn has a crush on a little girl in his skating lessons. He follows her around talking to her, and this week they were even holding hands while skating. It is cute but a little frustrating because they completely ignore the teacher and just skate around together,

Friday, January 14, 2011

I like dogs

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Vaughn has had a long standing fear of dogs. It stems from a bad experience with a hyper great dane puppy that just wanted to play. Ever since that fateful Christmas Vaughn has always been afraid of dogs and not just he doesn't like them I'm talking hysterical with fear and uncontrollable crying when near one. It has been a long process with us trying different approaches to get him past it but with nothing really working. Over Christmas my dad had a little fluffy dog named Banik at my Aunt's house on Christmas day and Vaughn started out scared but by the end of the night he was fine with the dog.

But I knew for sure the fear was over yesterday. Vaughn has been missing his best friend Levi, since we live on the other end of town we don't see him as much as we used to. Yesterday we had an all day playdate set up but the problem is that Levi has a beagle named Belle. Vaughn has never done well with Belle and it is usually a long visit to Levi's house. Thursday morning as we were getting ready to go I started my usual pep talk, "Vaughn remember that Levi has a dog, and that it's Belle's house so you can't cry and scream etc." usually these talks get me nowhere but this time his answer was to cut me off and say, "Mommy I like dogs now." I thought sure you do when there isn't one in sight but he walked into Levi's house said hi to Belle like they were old friends. It was so nice not to have to worry about keeping Belle away from Vaughn all day and that there was no crying and hysterics. Hopefully we are over the scared dog stage and can now go to our friends houses that have dogs with way less drama.

Yeah Vaughn!

Girlie Toes

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I guess I've decided it's time for Greta to be girlie because this week has been her first pig tails and now her first time having her toes painted.

We are are going to West Edmonton Mall's water park tomorrow for a friends birthday and so I decided Greta needed to have her toes painted. Surprisingly Matt was on board, which turned out to be a good thing because I couldn't have done it without the extra set of hands. Matt held her little foot while I put the polish on, oh and we can't forget Vaughn who closely monitored the process and told me if I missed any spots. We blow dried them to make sure she didn't get nail polish all over the house (don't worry my blow dryer has a cool setting) and then she was done. She did really well and was really cute afterward, she kept looking at her toes trying to figure out what we'd done to her.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Pigtails

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I am hair challenged. I fear for Greta's hair as she gets older, I don't know how to french braid, I'm not very good at ponytails and the list could go on and on. I had long hair until I was 16 so at sleep overs growing up I was the girl who got her hair done, never the girl who did hair.

I finally got around to buying hair elastics for Greta's hair because I love little girls in pig tails. When we got home tonight and while she was content and playing I grabbed a handful of hair and put in a couple of pigtails. I should have used a comb and made sure everything was even and perfect, I should have put them off to the side more but . . .she stood still for me and I got them in.

Here they are, Greta's first pigtails . . .

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I do

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The other day Matt asked who wanted to get the mail with Daddy. Greta promptly answered 'I Do!' It was so cute, we made her say it over and over.

Today I found her standing on a stool playing with the mouse, when I told her no and took it away her prompt response was 'I do!'. Not so cute today.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We have a Winner

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We have a problem around the Jamieson house. We are in a lunch time rut. The kids are super picky about what they like to eat and Vaughn wants a peanut butter sandwich for lunch everyday. I usually dread lunch time.

I guess there are lots of things that the kids will eat but they don't always seem like the healthiest choices, kraft dinner, hot dogs, grilled cheese, and eggs (Greta only). I know there are worst options out there but getting a raw vegetable into Greta is nearly impossible. The kids plates often contain a peanut butter sandwich with heated up frozen peas, which just seems really strange to me. They refuse to eat leftovers, honestly how do they know, they could love it for supper the night before and won't touch it with a ten foot pole the next day.

The list of things they will eat is pretty small so it feels like I am feeding them the same things over and over again. Maybe I could do other things but having to fight with them to eat lunch and supper is too much, I choose to only fight over one meal a day.

I am happy to annouce that we have a new lunchtime winner. I found it in a recipe magazine and knew it would be delicious but was trying to be cautiously optimistic that picky 1 & 2 would give it their stamp of approval. The miracle lunch was basically homemade Pizza Pockets. You buy the frozen buns from the grocery store, pull them out in the morning so they are defrosted by lunch. Roll them flat, fill one with your favourite pizza toppings, put the other one top, seal it with a fork and bake it for 20 minutes. It was pure bliss at lunch today! I am sending Matt to the store tonight to buy more buns because I will be making this again!

The recipe called for chicken and swiss cheese and some other fancy ingredients but tomato sauce, sliced ham, red peppers, mushrooms and mozza cheese worked great for us. Hopefully next time I'll be able to find wholewheat buns and will push this meal over the edge.

Oh it was a happy lunch day today!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


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Christmas is over, wow it seems to have come and gone really quickly this year. Maybe it does every year who knows.

We had an amazing Christmas this year! The Edmonton part was a little strange because there was no room for a tree or very many decorations in the condo so it didn't feel overly Christmasy. The highlights of the Edmonton Christmas was watching Vaughn sing with his Sunday school class in church on the 19th. I also loved going shopping for the kids. It is so much fun buying their presents and being Santa. I just love it, it feels like I'm getting the present when I watch them open something and get so excited about it.

Early in the morning on the 19th we boarded the plane to head to Ontario for Christmas. It was an absolutely wonderful time. My kids got spoiled and loved and overall blessed by my family. Vaughn love, love, LOVES his Grandma. Matt and I weren't allowed to do anything for him, Grandma had to tuck him in at night, Grandma had to help in the bathroom, Grandma had to eat his breakfast, lunch and dinner with him. Grandma was the be all and end all of his Christmas experience. Needless to say it was a pretty emotional departure at 3:30 am on the 29th, with a little boy sobbing that he was going to miss his Grandma.

Christmas morning was so much fun. Vaughn had asked Santa for race car's and race car jammies, so when leaving the cookies and milk out for Santa we had an excited little man anticipating what could be waiting for him under the tree in the morning.

We had set up the tree upstairs so that we could enjoy it before Christmas but I really think the Christmas morning feels more like Christmas morning downstairs by the fire. So, I convinced John and Matt to carry the tree downstairs for me , maybe I'm a little crazy but it felt so cozy watching the kids open their stockings by the fire.

Vaughn got his race cars and race car jammies from Santa and Greta got a pink cash register as well as two stockings full of fun. The kids got a tonne of great toys and really had the best time. Greta was most interested in the $1.99 toy backberry in her stocking and Vaughn was most interested in ripping the paper off the presents. The Fields came over for brunch and opening presents which just makes Christmas morning feel complete. After naps we headed to Chatam to see my Dad, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and cousins. The kids got spoiled all over again and we played our traditional gift exchange game that brings out the thief in all of us :)

Boxing day the kids headed to church with Grandma and Aunt Jessa while Matt and I headed to Kitchener to see the Dunham's. It was a short visit but a great one, man I love those guys!

We are home now, unpacked and undecorated but full of the most wonderful memories that will last a life time. Thanks family for an amazing Christmas!

A Look Back at December 2010

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After Bathtime

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Tonight as Vaughn was getting out of the bathtub and the water was draining he say's
"Mommy, why does the bathtub drink all the water?"

He's right it does kind of look like it's drinking

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