Saturday, October 30, 2010


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I hate moving.

Ok I guess I have to write more than that but really, that sufficiently sums up how I'm feeling right now. I feel like I'm swimming and I can see the other side but I'm not sure if I'll actually make it. That might be a little dramatic in light of the events in my friends lives this week but it's how I feel.

Matt keeps telling me we have enough time but I look around and see piles and piles of unpacked things, garbage and things that need to be taken to the condo or house and I'm overwhelmed. I am so grateful for the guys that came today and helped us pack our storage bin and I'm glad that is over. I think I'm at the worst part of the move where I'm out of boxes and I have weird odds and ends to pack. We also have several loads of things to take to the condo that will take lots of time too!

I keep thinking back to when we moved into the house and Cher and Tracy came to help me pack up the apartment. They asked me if the kitchen was all packed and I said yes, one of them opened a drawer in the kitchen and it was full of our utensils, how did I miss packing an entire drawer of utensils!! I feel like that now but I don't have my Cher and Tracy to laugh over moose roast and take my mind off the fact that I'm not ready!

I will breath and pray and trust in my wonderful husband to help me get it all done. You'd think I'd get better at moving but I think I'm getting worse!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Soother No More

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Since we are moving into a condo in the next few weeks we decided that we had better get rid of Greta's soother before we move in and the neighbors kicked us out because of Greta's screaming.

My baby girl is stubborn, generally more so than Vaughn so I was not looking forward to this endeavor. That is why she was almost 15 months old and still with a soother.

I am happy to announce that she is doing really great. She didn't cry for 3 hours straight like Vaughn did the first night he went without but she did cry off and on all night, and the next night and then really badly the next night. The worst so far was Saturday night where she screamed from 2 -5 . . . that was a long night but so far 'knock on wood' it's been slowly getting better.

It's silly but part of me hates getting rid of her soother, I feel like my baby girl is growing up much much faster than I want her too. I am just so in love with my baby girl that I want to squish her and those amazing cheeks every chance I get!

Vaughn the Science Kid

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I don't know how many of you let your kids watch tv but if you do I hope you have access to PBS Kids. We have recently discovered how wonderful the shows on this channel are.

I credit Vaughn knowing all his letters to Word World. It is a great show were everything is built with words. Vaughn loves to play "Build a Word", he gets out his letters and we build words together. It's not quite as fun as in the show because in the show when you build a word, the word turns into that thing . . .but we still have fun.

I am also totally in love with Sid the Science Kid. Sid is a kid that wants to know everything about everything. Each episode is about Sid, his friends and Teacher Suzy discovering and learning something new (there is also signing and dancing which makes it the best show ever). Our favourite episode is about Sid's slide to the side and that he can't slide in his shoes because there is too much friction. My 3 year old will now tell you about friction and how it stops you from sliding in your shoes and how it helps cars stop. We've also learned about simple machines and how pulley's can lift heavy things. The most recent episode I PVR'd was about Germs, maybe he will find a new love for washing his hands!

I know that bragging about your kids is annoying for other people to read but I love how much he's learning. I am so proud of my boy!

Really who said TV is all bad?!?!?

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