Saturday, November 28, 2009


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Greta has been introduced to the world of the Exesaucer. She looks so little in it but she really seems to love it, although the toys drive her crazy, she wants to pull them off! You can't tell in the picture but she is finding the elephant toy very very fascinating!

Vaughn takes the role of big brother very seriously, he showed her how to work all the toys, her eyes followed him the whole time taking everything in. It was the kind of moment you would use to promote sibling love until . . . he made her cry because he was making the lion toy roar at her and it scared her and then he decided she shouldn't have that toy anymore . . . so much for the picture of love!

Look at me Mommy!

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This picture tells me 1 of 3 things . . .

1. This is why Greta's hat doesn't fit her head anymore
2. Vaughn may switch to Judaism when he grows up
3. He likes wearing hats with flowers

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Brother Talking a Story to Baby Greta

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Vaughn likes to crawl into Greta's play mat with her, he gives her kisses, pats her head and sometimes annoys the life out of her. This day he decided he needed to 'talk' (aka reading) Greta a story . . . the only problem is that he picked a giant hard covered library book that he promptly whacked her in the eye with. We quickly replaced it with a smaller book . . .

Hurting Toes

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I follow a few blogs and actually really enjoy seeing into people's lives (that's right I'm nosy) but what I think I like the most is that my friends will have memories and stories saved for them for years to come. I have made several attempts at blogging before but nothing was overly successful and I think that's because I thought I had to be a terrific writer and write for other people. This time I'm going to write for me so that I can have memories of my life, watching my kids grow up. So here goes . . .

Vaughn was looking at Italics and said "Mommy those are hurting toes." Vaughn has obviously been on the scratching end of those 'hurting toes' a few times. Vaughn has asked me several times where Italics is and I usually answer probably hiding from you so now if you ask him where Italics is he will tell you "probably hiding from me". I don't think they will ever be best friends but Vaughn sure does love that cat!

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