Thursday, September 15, 2011

School Open House

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Tonight I got to go to Vaughn's school open house. It was very cute letting him show me around the school I attended for 9 years of my life. He seems to really love school and I am so glad. He's made a friend who he calls his buddy, I'm not sure he's the best influence but I keep reminding him how Mommy and Daddy expect him to act at school and praying he listens. Mrs Bandla is his teachers name, I felt bad for her because she didnt recognize Vaughn when we came into class. I don't blame her at all she has had just over a week to get to know both jk classes and Vaughn had his patch on which he never wears to school. I tried to subtly help her out, 'Vaughn say hi to your teacher'. She told us that he sits and pays very good attention during story time which would explain why he comes home and tells me the entire story they read that day. She pointed out that he has a very good memory, which for me isn't always great because he remembers everything, lost toys, promises made etc. She also noticed his perfectionist tendencies. It can be very frustrating working with him, if he makes a mistake or something doesn't turn out just how he wants he won't work on it anymore. Mrs Bandla said she reminds him that school is for learning and making mistakes and that is why they have erasers. Hopefully he will be able to let go of his need for everything to be perfect. He showed us his journal, his art work, where he plays and the time out chair. I love that little boy so much and I love to see how well he seems to be adjusting. I am so proud of how Vaughn is doing. He can sing me the new songs he's learning, tell me the stories he hears. He can spell and write his name. I knew he was ready for school but it surprises me how fast he seems to be picking things up. I can't wait to continue to watch him learn and grow.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Helping Daddy

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Labour day weekend turned into an actual labour day for Matt as he helped my sister and brother in law build a deck on the back of their house.  What was going to be a one day job for John got complicated when they took down the old deck and found everything they had planned on reusing rotted and no good.

Matt came down on Saturday night to spend some time with us which worked out perfectly so he could help John with his deck.  Sunday after church, John and Matt took Vaughn on a guys adventure to Home Depot to pick up all the supplies.  I don't know if Vaughn stopped talking the whole time, while getting his shoes on and into the truck, he was talking as fast as he could get the words out.  He came home with his very own real hammer and measuring tape so he could help the next day.

Monday morning came and I loaded the kids up to go over and check out the progress John and Matt had made.  We managed to slow down the work for about an hour while the kids 'helped' build the deck.  Thankfully noone really seemed to mind all the extra 'help'.  My Grandparents surprised us and came by to see how things were going.  We had an impromptu lunch of Salmon and Tuna sandwiches, pickles, cucmbers and homemade tarts and cookies.  It was perfect, just like how I remember Saturday's growing up.  My Grandparents coming over and we would all have a simple lunch together but now I get to share it with my husband and kids.  I couldn't have asked for a better day.

As much as I joked about moving because the weather was awful that wasn't why I left.  I loved my life in Edmonton and as they days go by I find myself missing my friends more and more.  But labour day Monday with my family was exactly why I moved back.  Seeing my Grandpa showing Vaughn how to hold the hammer and everyone being together is worth it all.  The move hasn't all been easy, we don't have our own place, I miss my friends, my job and my life but I would do it all over again even if it was only for one more day like Monday.  You only get one chance to be with your family and life is too short to waste.  Thank you Lord for a perfect labour day!

First Day of School

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Vaughn has successfully managed his first day of school.  I think that Junior Kindergarten was all he hoped it would be!  It was very strange to walk my son to my old school and have him line up in my old school yard.  It was surreal, something I didn't think I'd ever experience but good old Queen E came through and gave him an awesome day.

I had my alarm set to get up early on his first day to make him a special breakfast.  I'm not really into making big breakfast's, I usually serve 'typical' breakfast foods for lunch or supper but I decided his first day of school deserved to be different.  When I got out of the shower I was very surprised to hear Vaughn already up waking up Daddy and I was even more surprised that he not Greta had been the first one up, proof that he was just a tad excited.

After his special first day of school pancake breakfast we got dressed, got his lunch box out of the fridge, put on our shoes and walked outside.  We then quickly walked back inside to put on jeans, it was freezing outside!  How often is the first day of school cold enough to wear jeans, usually  you buy your back to school fall clothes and then have to wait to wear them because it's too warm.  Oh well, his outfit wasn't what I had planned but at least he was warm. 

First Day of School Pancakes are 'Taaaaasty'

After a little photo shoot out front and running back in because Greta needed her Minnie lunch box we loaded the kids into the wagon and we were off.  Of course we were a little early because I'm just like that.  We found the door, checked in with his teacher and helped him say hello to a few of the kids in his class.  The bell rang and my throat got a little tight as we helped him line up along the fence.  Matt and I got a quick hug and kiss and off we went without looking back.  Grandma yelled, "have a fun day" as he was walking away and without evening looking back he yelled, "I will!"  He was so ready for this and I was so proud of how he handled it.
All ready to go!

Family picture!
So grown up and ready for school!
Greta not happy that Vaughn got to go to school without her
I got a little teary but Greta saved me from crying because she was NOT HAPPY that her brother was leaving.  She cried and cried that we had to get Vaughn.  It was absolutely adorable and heart breaking at the same time!  It is nice to know that despite all the fighting and bickering she does really like her brother.  She got over her sadness pretty quick when we got home and she discovered that she could play with the iPad without having to share it.  Matt and I also took her to Tim Hortons and on a special trip to the library, I think she got over being sad pretty quick.

On our way back from the library I wanted to stop in and check on Vaughn but they were out having recess so I resisted.  3:00 took a long time coming but I was so glad when we were able to go get him and bring him home.  He loved his first day and asked if he could go again and again and again.  I know that in a couple of weeks when the excitement wears off he might not be as excited to go but for now I'm enjoying the fun. 

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