Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sippy Cup Victory

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So, my little girl is stubborn. I don't mean she doesn't like to try new things stubborn I mean really really, "I'm not going to do it and you can't make me" stubborn. For those of you that know Matt and I, you are probably wondering where in the world she gets this from because it couldn't possibly be from us.

Our latest struggle with our baby girl has been trying to get her to drink out of a sippy cup. At 9 months I made the switch with Vaughn to one of those litterless juicebox sippy cups, almost instantly and never looked back. Enter my stubborn one, it has taken 2 weeks of hysterical screaming, refusing to drink and being on the verge of dehydration but I am proud to annouce that I won. I bought a different kind of sippy cup and just kept at it, only giving her a bottle before bed and in the morning to make sure she didn't dehydrate herself. Yesterday she got up from her nap, looked at the sippy cup, looked at me and almost with a sigh of resignation reached for the cup and started drinking!

Here's the thing Greta, you get your stubbornness from me (insert shocked gasp here) and I have many more years of honing my skill than you . . . so bring it on little girl I can out stubborn you anytime. But please don't bring it on again anytime soon, Mommy is exhausted!


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Today was our last Kindermusik until the Fall. We have really enjoyed attending the classes and Vaughn has fallen in love with Mrs. Wiebe. She is one of his favourite people, he always tells me things he is going to tell her but usually gets scared when we get to class. It makes me laugh every time when he whispers things to her in the hallway when she is inside the classroom and can't possibly hear him. It doesn't matter to him though he still tells me proudly that he talked to Mrs. Wiebe. At the end of class there is always a chance to give her a hug and Vaughn usually waits his turn and gives her one. A couple times he hasn't wanted to hug her but on the car ride home we are in tears because we didn't hug Mrs. Wiebe. I think it might be a long summer break until we get to start classes again.

While eating my lunch and waiting for naptime Vaughn decided to conduct his own Kindermusik class. He had his clicky instrument (aka castanet) and I got 2 trains to use as drums. He then directed me in singing a song, hitting the drums and using stop hands, 'Stop hands Mommy! And play!' He did it just like Mrs. Wiebe, we hit the instruments on our knees, our tummies on our backs. He had a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him act out his classes . . . so he really was taking in what was happening!

I know you read this sometimes Heather so a big huge thank-you for these wonderful classes and the love you show for all our little people!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sing it With Me and other cute things

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I love the things that Vaughn says and here are a few of my current favourites

While riding in the car if he hears a favourite song he says
"Sing it with me Mommy you know how it goes!"

When he wants to get dressed he says
"Mommy, should you get my dressed on"

After a major owie he says
"Mommy, should you make me all better?" A kiss makes everything all better!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, April 11, 2010


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Well the day finally came, we said goodbye to our cat as she headed out on a new adventure on a friend of a friends acreage just outside of the city. I wish I could say I was heartbroken and that I'm going to miss her so much but honestly the most I could muster was guilt that our relationship just didn't work out. It was like breaking up with someone that you so badly wanted it to work out with. I firmly believe you don't get rid of pets just because you don't want them anymore which would explain why italics lasted as long as she did. Italics was always my cat and she and Matt had no love for each other, couple that with her frequent vomiting, and a dayhome family that wouldn't have been able to come if we still had her (sorry italics you just aren't worth my monthly income!) and that brings her time with us to an end.

I remember when Tracy and Rob brought italics home, she was the cutest little furball ever. She used to sit in Tracy's inbox on her desk and sleep on her head at night. I remember her climbing up Cher's leg at our downtown apartment (didn't help Cher love cats anymore), jumping off our balcony while attached to a leash and hiding on top of the fridge, scaring the life out of me when I'd walk into the kitchen. I will always be grateful that Vaughn loved her and that his first word was 'kitty' prompting a kitty themed 1st birthday bash complete with a Great Grandma italics cake. She was never the friendliest cat but she was mine and for the most part I did love her . . . so italics thanks for the good memories and I hope you love your new life out on the 'farm'.

Let's hope she doesn't pull a 'the cat came back' and end up on my front step sometime in the next few days!

Friday, April 9, 2010

It's been awhile . . .

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It's been awhile since I've written, whoops! I am going to blame it on, getting my gallbladder out, kids with colds round one and the current kids with a colds round 2!

Last weekend was Easter and the Alberta weather cooperated and gave us a beautiful weekend! Sadly Vaughn was sick so I don't think he fully appreciated the days events. The kids were so cute in their Easter outfits, Greta looked like a little doll.
I had to be at church to do Sunday School at both services so Daddy successfully got Vaughn and Greta decked out in their Easter attire. He then sneaked out early to hid the eggs around the house for our Easter egg hunt after church. The Easter bunny (which I'm not entirely sold on) likes to come while we are out at church to make extra sure we don't walk in on him. Vaughn loved the hunt, he carried his basket around and collected all the eggs, excitedly crying 'I found another one!'

We had bought plastic eggs, 12 with flowers and 12 with polka dots. The flower ones were filled with baby puffs for Greta and the polka dots had Teddy Grahams for Vaughn. He then sorted out the eggs and put Greta's in her basket and helped her open them so she could eat her puffs. My poor kids didn't get any chocolate on Easter!! Good thing they don't know any better

We had ham and scalloped potatoes on Monday to top off our wonderful Easter weekend!


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