Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Bird

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A little while ago Vaughn became obsessed with birds and even took the obsession so far that h e started calling himself 'baby bird'. I didn't
think much of it, he's a pretty creative kid that plays make believe all the time. Well it is a month later and the baby bird obsession is firmly entrenched. Vaughn is baby bird, I am mommy bird, Matt is daddy bird and so in. It gets to be quite a mouthful with great grandma bird.

It is really funny, he will say something and then add a 'tweet' on the end just to make sure you know he really is a bird. He refers to his meals as seeds and worms and our house is now called the bird house, 'Mommy bird, should baby bird go back to the bird house?". This Sunday at church one of my friends stuck her head out of the toddler room door and said, 'Vaughn is asking for a Mommy bird ... I'm not sure what that is'. That one was a little embarrassing and when he calls me that at the grocery store my face may turn a bit red but generally it's pretty funny. I especially love when he is asking for something 'please mommy bird, please mommy bird, please'. If i call him Vaughn he will often correct me, doesn't matter where we are he wants to be called baby bird.

I think the baby bird idea may stem from us calling Greta baby girl. We call her that a lot but Vaughn does not want to be called baby boy, he is clearly a big boy. Well maybe my big boy still needs to be a baby sometimes and this is how he works it out. Regardless of why, I think it's hilarious and can't wait to see how long it lasts!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ontario Visit

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It's been a few days since I've been back and since I don't feel like cleaning my house I think blogging is the appropriate thing to do.

I think that this trip to Ontario is one of the best ones I've ever had! It had all my favourite things, hot weather, family, friends, trips to the cottage, picking blueberries, walks to the farmer's markets, the zoo and so much more.

Going home is always fun but I think my family got to really enjoy the kids this time which makes the trip so much better. Vaughn was always a Mama's boy at the age Greta is at so my family didn't always get to enjoy him. Greta on the other hand generally couldn't care less where I am so she had her arms out to anyone and everyone. My Grandpa really got to enjoy her and I loved watching him hold her and play with her. Vaughn took to my Grandma and told us on several occasions that she was the favourite part of his day. She sat and played play-dough with him for what seemed like hours.

Tracy, Cara and I promised ourselves a while ago that we would go away together to celebrate turning 30. My Mom and sister agreed to watch the kids and I headed out with my two best friends for 3 much needed days of relaxation and fun. I have amazing friends here in Edmonton but there is something about the friends you grow up with that is so special. It doesn't matter where our lives take us we pick up like we just saw each other yesterday. The first night we took a late night trip to the movie theatre that made me feel like I was in highschool again. Picking up to go to a movie on a whim just isn't how my life works anymore but it felt so good. Trips to the ice cream store, walks to work off the ice cream, lounging in the heat on the dock, pedicures and shopping made for 3 perfect days. Thanks my friends I needed those days!!

We did so many fun things I don't think I can do it all justice. Picking blueberries is a favourite thing to do because it's fun but mostly because I get to take home delicious blueberries. It had been awhile since I was home to enjoy blueberry season so I think that made if feel even more special. My Mom, grandparents, kids and I all picked about 3 baskets. Vaughn was amazing and loved every minute. There was not 1 complaint and he picked 1/4 bag all by himself and didn't want to stop when we'd picked enough. My little piglet loved it too but mostly because we pushed her stroller into the blueberry bushes and let her eat to her hearts content.

I could write for hours about all the great things we did but I think instead I'll just hit some highlights
- being in Ontario while the corn was on . . . delicious
- Grandma's back yard inflatable pools . . . and weather nice enough to enjoy them
- Vaughn being brave enough to feed the deer and other animals at the zoo
- Greta quacking at all the birds at the zoo
- Vaughn declaring that the crocodile at the zoo was "THE BIGGEST ONE HE'S EVER SEEN"
- The beach . . . I love the beach
- Dragging my sister across the border for shoes and spending 2 hours in the car apologizing for the 2 hour wait
- My kids getting to know my family
- Greta lighting up when she saw her Uncle John
- The Fields . . man I like them
- The Cottage . . . every second spent there was my favourite
- Seeing my Dad and Grandma
- The weather, I LOVE humidity
- Hanging out with Tracy and Rob and even the sad moment when Vaughn walked around the house looking for Malachi because if Uncle Rob and Aunt Tracy were there than he must be too. This is a favourite because it means he still remembers them
- Going for bike rides after the kids went to bed
- Being away from my kids for a few days
- Seeing my kids again after being away for a few days

I'm sure I've missed a few things but I can't be any clearer, it was an amazing trip. This one was harder than the other ones when it was time to leave. Vaughn understands that he doesn't get to see all these people when we get home and watching him cry during goodbyes was heart breaking. I try not to think of the goodbyes though and just count myself blessed that my family loves me so much and we get to have great times together making great memories we all remember for the long periods in between visits.

Thanks for making our trip so wonderful I love you all!

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