Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heat Wave

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Shorts, Sandals and Sunburns are the 3 S's that can sum up this glorious March week.  

The weather so so perfect we couldn't get enough of it.  Digging in the sand, painting with sidewalk paint and enjoying every glorious minute!

Bunk Beds

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 The long promised and long awaited bunk beds have arrived!  

We've been telling the kids for quite awhile that they were getting bunk beds but each time we got the money saved up, something happened and we needed it for something else.  I was so ready to move Charlotte out of our room and into the crib so we saved and were able to get the bunk beds.  A spontaneous road trip to Burlington to get the bunk beds on a beautiful afternoon made the whole thing more exciting for the kids.  I really miss living close to an Ikea, the kids were hilarious, it was like walking back into a part of their Edmonton life.  We've eaten many an Ikea meal and have missed them.

 All tucked away in their new beds

Vaughn loves having the top bunk and Greta thinks her big girl bunk beds are pretty awesome. 

My Growing Girl

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Charlotte is growing, although she's tiny she is still growing.  
Here she is trying out her exesaucer for the first time

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

French Braid

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My Mom is a master at the french braid, I always had the best braids growing up.  I never learned how to do it though, I wasted all my practice years at sleepovers getting my hair braided instead of braiding of learning on my friends.

I'm learning on Greta, I think I'm getting better, it's not easy but thankfully she lets me practice while she watches TV.  This was my first real attempt, not too bad for watching a few YouTube videos!  Next is the sideways braid . . . that one may take me awhile


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When we left Edmonton we left our most favourite Kindermusik class and Mrs. Wiebe.  I was a little concerned that my kids love for music would diminish because we weren't in music classes anymore . . . I shouldn't have worried.  Vaughn and Greta have started putting on concerts with their kindermusik instruments and the microphone Greta got for Christmas.

Sometimes they ask me to turn on music so they can play along and sometimes they make up their own songs.  For example yesterday Greta sang about her favourite pair of Minnie Mouse pants

I love my Minnie pants
I love to wear my Minnie pants

Vaughn's song went something like this

I'm dancing and singing on the stairs
I'm singing with my foot on the wall

It was pretty hilarious!  Right now their stuffed animals are lined up on the stairs so they can be the audience for their concert.  A love for music is important to Matt and I so I'm glad our kids are developing it.

Crazy Hair Day

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We love the fun dress up, crazy days at school and at church!  Our Wednesday Family night has had several pajama nights which are the best ever, no need to get your jammies on when you get home just straight to bed!

Vaughn's school had the required Crazy hair day.  I don't know if you knew this but Crazy Hair Day can be hard for boys, there really isn't much you can do to a short hair cut.  Luckily one of my friends posted how to dye hair with chalk on Pinterest.  Thanks to that Vaughn got to rock some blue hair for this years school Wacky Hair Day.  Next year I'm thinking big, let's go rainbow!

This is how we roll

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 This is how we roll in the Jamieson house . .  .

Music Parties
 Chillin with or giraffe
 Deep conversations on the playmat
 Treehouse in Mommy and Daddy's bed
 Dress up with buckets and Lightening McQueen
 Crazy Craft Project's with Oliver and Jackson
Just loving life

Valentines Day

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Valentine's Day had a new element this year, which was handing out Valentine's in school.  Giving Valentines isn't the same as when I was a kid, you must give one to every person in your class, a much better system in my opinion.  Vaughn had the job of writing his name and his classmates names on each card.  He did a great with only a little whining.  He was sick the day they handed out the class list in school and since I don't know the names of all his classmates we ended up with just 3 days to get them done.  But he stuck at it and took the job of picking the right card for each of his friends very seriously. 

I'm also learning that every holiday, special day equals excessive amounts of sugar.  I couldn't believe what he came home from school with!  Am I the only parent out there that doesn't appreciate their kid coming home with a bag full of candy! 

Valentine's day equaled heart shaped toast, cards and pizza for supper.  Supper with my family that I didn't have to cook sounds like a pretty perfect day to me :)

Making New Friends

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One of the things I was worried about when we moved was if the kids would make friends and have friends their own age at our new church.  I shouldn't have worried, Freedom seems to be bursting at the seems with kids.  I'm pretty sure they out number the adults on Sunday mornings. 

Thankfully Vaughn and Greta have both made some good friends at church.  Greta is really loving her friends Chaya and Makayla and luckily I really like both their Mom's so playdates work in our favor.  It means so much to be able to build new friendships here.  Vaughn's little church friend happens to be Chaya's older brother.  I love that they are going to grow up with strong friendships at church. 

Here are Vaughn and his buddy Ben and Greta with Chaya and Makayla


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