Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Soother No More

Posted by eljamieson at 8:52 PM
Since we are moving into a condo in the next few weeks we decided that we had better get rid of Greta's soother before we move in and the neighbors kicked us out because of Greta's screaming.

My baby girl is stubborn, generally more so than Vaughn so I was not looking forward to this endeavor. That is why she was almost 15 months old and still with a soother.

I am happy to announce that she is doing really great. She didn't cry for 3 hours straight like Vaughn did the first night he went without but she did cry off and on all night, and the next night and then really badly the next night. The worst so far was Saturday night where she screamed from 2 -5 . . . that was a long night but so far 'knock on wood' it's been slowly getting better.

It's silly but part of me hates getting rid of her soother, I feel like my baby girl is growing up much much faster than I want her too. I am just so in love with my baby girl that I want to squish her and those amazing cheeks every chance I get!


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