Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garage Sale

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Last weekend I had a garage sale with some very close friends. It's my first garage sale since elementary school where I sold a perfectly working snow blower for $5. My Mom likes to remind me of that story for some reason, it could have something to do with the fact that it was priced for around $40.

This garage sale, went much better than my elementary school one! I sold 6 boxes of theology/bible college text books. I put them out on a whim, hoping that maybe a few of them would sell and save me from lugging them to their final resting place. Apparently Millwoods is extremely spiritual and they were a hot ticket item!! I love selling stuff, it's addictive, every morning I would walk around the house looking to see what other stuff I could sell.

The weather was NOT our friend, it rained everyday. Thursday night we put all our stuff in the backyard and didn't tarp it because it wasn't calling for rain. 5 am Friday morning I sat bolt up in bed because I heard thunder. I ran out in my jammies and attempted to tarp our stuff, I did an adequate job but a few things still managed to get soaked. Friday morning it rained on us twice, so annoying! We tarped everything, uncovered it and then this little grey cloud came right over our sale and started raining again . . . I'm telling you the weather was out to get us! It rained every evening but we still managed to sell lots and lots of stuff!

I think that the best part of the yard sale was hanging out with some of my favourite people for 3 days. The afternoons were the best, the kids napped while Lori and I sat out enjoying the sun and talking to our hearts content. It was so awesome!

Next year we will actually have a garage for a real garage sale which will make it way easier if it rains, however Murphy's law states that it won't rain once we have a garage :)

The kids having fun playing in water and 'painting' the trees, house and anything else they could find with it

Yard Sale Snack Time!


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