Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Fun Day 2010

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We don't often get time away as a family but every summer we try and do a few days together doing something fun. We usually head down to Calgary to the Zoo but this year with Matt working on the house there wasn't enough time. It doesn't really matter though because 1-2-3 Imagine with Elmo came to Captial Ex this year and we had a gift card for ticketmaster which equals 2 happy kids going to see the one, the only Elmo! We also discovered that our Elmo tickets included admission to Capital Ex so we planned our Family Fun Day for 2010 with Elmo and Vaughn's first time experiencing the midway!

We told Vaughn a few days ahead of time that he was going to see Elmo and so we counted 'night time sleeps' until the big day. I love telling him things ahead of time because it just gets so excited! The morning of Elmo he woke up and said, "Mommy we need to have breakfast, get dressed in my Elmo shirt and go see Elmo!" It's so fun now that he really understands things!

I packed a lunch and snacks for the kids, and we headed off to see Elmo. I knew that Vaughn would love the show but I hadn't anticipated how much Greta would love it. I guess that's why they charge for 1 year olds. Vaughn's little face just lit up when the characters came out, it was priceless. Greta danced, clapped and 'sang' along with the music. She was so fun to watch, she was mesmerized. After intermission the stage was turned into the Elmo's World set much to the delight of all the kids. Vaughn sang along to the theme song and was thrilled to watch 'real' Elmo and Elmo's World. The show was a little too long for Greta and well, for me too but it was so worth it. Vaughn singing along to "if you're grouchy and you know it' was one of my favourite parts of the show!

We left the freezing Elmo live show and headed into the boiling hot Capital Ex (it was hovering around 30, that's hot for Edmonton)! We started with lunch while waiting for the Fifi and the Flowertot's show to start. It was too hot to sit and watch, so we decided to skip the show and head straight for the midway. I didn't know if Vaughn would be too scared to do any of the rides but he surprised me and was more than game. He wanted to go on all the rides even the ones he wasn't tall enough for! I guess there was one exception, he did NOT want to go on the swing ride and I couldn't really blame him I hate that ride too!

Greta was sound asleep in the stroller while Vaughn rode 3 rides, played 3 games and generally had the best time. I love our family fun days because I love my family!

Pictures to follow when iphoto decides to work!


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