Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day 2010

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It feels strange writing this before the day is actually over but it is over for us since our kids are too little to stay up for the fire works.

Matt had to work today but I decided not to let that stop me from taking the kids out to enjoy the festivities. I really didn't want to go by myself and luckily my friend Kim and her girls were also looking for a way to fill the afternoon. I did what I hate doing and I called her up to see if she wanted to take in the Millwoods Canada Day celebration with us. I'm so glad she did because it makes it so much more enjoyable with another adult to talk to!

We met at the church at 12:30 and walked over to the park. This is the first time I've been during to the celebration during the day and I have to say I was impressed. There were lots of activities and lots of volunteers to help out. The lines were CRAZY long so we didn't stay too long because trying to wait in long lines with an 11 month old, 3, 4 & 5 year old just doesn't equal a good time for the parents.

We hit up the animal farm and were luckily the first in line, unlucky for us all the animals didn't arrive on time so we still ended up waiting 30 minutes. Vaughn is terrified of animals, he has been for a long time. My current technique for getting him over his fear is exposure. I figure that if he sees enough animals that are nice he might eventually like them. My plan is to always talk up things like the petting zoo hoping that when he gets there his excitement will overrule his fear. It hasn't worked so far and today wasn't any different. He was willing to go in and see the animals as long as someone was holding him, he even got close to a bunny, I think that counts as progress. Greta on the other hand loved the animals, I think if I had let her down she would have tried chasing the ducks, chickens and roosters!

After the petting zoo we hit up a jumpy castle, the bean bag toss game and the grand finale bubble blowing station. The kids had lots of fun and even did great waiting in line for our turns. We didn't stay very long, my goal had been for Greta to have her nap in the stroller but it was too bumpy while I was pushing it on the grass for her to fall asleep. Don't worry though as soon as we were back on the sidewalk walking to the car she was out like a light. Listening to her cry through all the activities took a bit of the fun out.

I think we will for sure be back next year for all the fun and maybe Vaughn might actually touch the bunny!

We are proudly Canadian in this house and here are a few pics of the kids being patriotic


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